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Ingrid’s Friend

We are hosting a playdate with a friend of Ingrid's tomorrow, and this is the first time we've had a school friend over. They are very excited to get together, and the friend sent home these two drawings with Ingrid's things — the white is a picture of them holding hands, and the brown paper is a treasure map. We just about died of adorable overload when we saw.

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Ingrid is doing gymnastics this year for our Saturday activity. She LOVES it. The photos aren't great, but here she is on her first day. Her favorite part is the bars, but they are at the back of the room and I couldn't get a photo of that. The last picture is at Tim Horton's, where we went after, as she got a donut for being brave — the class doesn't allow parents in with the teachers and the kids. She only hesitated for a moment on the first day, and on the second Saturday, she actually sent me HOME to get her book (we'd forgotten it!) while she went in to the class. That is a real first for her!

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Ingrid’s Jerry Face

Ingrid is very expressive — when she cries, she CRIIIIIIIEEES and her whole face turns just about inside out. Her “mad face” looks just like Dave’s (who also has the very expressive face, it’s like they are made of rubber or something).  Also, in the hubbub of getting ready in the morning (always a crazy time) Ingrid has started having conversations that come from left field, like while I’m racing around to get my stuff together or get her breakfast or change Willa I’ll hear “mama mama mama mama — will you draw me a piggie and cut it out for me?” (Um, no. Eat your cereal.) Yesterday’s was “mama mama mama mama — why does Jerry sometimes close his eyes a little bit?” Jerry is our dear friend, the father of the much beloved Finn, and we had been at their house the night before. “What do you mean ‘close his eyes a little bit,Ingrid?” “Like this!” she said, and proceeded to pop out the most dead-on impression of Jerry’s incredulous face that I’d ever seen.

I tried to get her to recreate it after school, and it came close, but man, that face in the morning certainly set a good tone for the rest of the day.

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Finn and Ingrid

Ingrid and Finn have been hanging out since Finn was tiny and Ingrid was a gigantic 18 month old towering over him. The age gap is meaning less and less as they get older, and here Finn tries to give Ingrid a flower, and eventually kind of gives up in favor of browsing the gift table.


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