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Oct 30, 2011 - family    No Comments

Ingrid’s Christmas list

Horse riding set
Barbie doll house
Expository book about princesses
Barbie camping set

(on her last list she had “baby bunnies that are real” and crossed it out, and just now said “well what about a real kitten?” oh boy. )


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Oct 29, 2011 - family    No Comments

Ingrid’s Fall Jubilee

Ingrid’s school had their Fall Jubilee tonight, where kids got to go in costume and play games and do crafts. Ingrid was very brave; because Dave had to work, it was 
just me and the girls, so she had to go on her own to some activities while I Willa-wrangled. She loved every minute of it, and both girls went to sleep very easily tonight!
What a wonderful neighborhood we live in, that such great events happen at our school.

Oct 28, 2011 - family    No Comments

A Thursday night at our house

While mama made dinner, the girls played in their room. Ingrid hauled Willa onto the bed, pulled down aaaall of the stuffed animals, tore off the blanket and made a pile for jumping on. Then while daddy gave Willa a haircut, Ingrid was busy turning an amazon box into a Rocit Ship — “a 4 eyed dog rocket ship” She said, and then feeling more literal she spelled out that it had aliens inside. Kids are fun.