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Sep 27, 2010 - life    No Comments

Moved the woodstove!

This weekend, we gave away our woodstove! We've never used it, as the fire inspector felt it passed too close to combustibles the way it was routed through the wall to the chimney, but we've never gotten rid of it because we wanted it in case of emergency. (We know it'd been used many times before, so if the risk was frozen and burst pipes as the result of a woodstove, or the wall thing, we'd have risked the wall) But our friends are getting rid of a propane stove, which we COULD use, and so we gave our other friends the old woodstove, which will find new life in their camp. ¬†Moving it was a challenge — it was HEAVY and every step was planned. They used a hand truck, a truck trailer with a ramp, jack stands, scrap wood, and of course ¬†— bungee cords and duct tape — to get it to it's next destination.