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Ingrid’s First Wedding

Ingrid had so much fun at her first wedding. She’d been talking about it for weeks! Here she is, dancing with the bride, and the bride’s little sister (who has been to all of Ing’s parties) and Willa is dancing with my friend Audrey in the clip, too. Dave had to work, so thankfully there were lots of people to help hold the little one!

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Listening to the song "The Bear Necessities," she sings along "Where's the Recipes, oh, where's some recipes…"

Pinwheels were Spinwheels for a while (makes sense) and the windmills by the airport are Windwheels.

(I'm trying to remember to write these down more.)
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Ingrid at the Park: Pt 1.

We've been going to the school park since Ingrid was a baby, but this time she suddenly had a new confidence that we'd never seen before! She did all of the elements by herself, and despite falling (off her bike, in the driveway, and off the playground) she still managed to stand up and keep on going. This is also the first time she's managed to ride her bike all the way to the park and back without needing a lift at any point. More specifics will be on Flickr.