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Ingrid & Space


Ingrid has gotten really interested in space this spring, so Dave took her to the open house at the Challenger Learning Center last night. She was still talking about it this morning. She made a rocket, saw a real astronaut suit, and even went on a mission while she was there! 

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Ingrid said…

Today when she was getting dressed, she complained that her underpants were hurting her "belly wrist."

You may know that as a "waist."
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Ingrid fleeing

This was from Healthy Kids Day at the Y. Ingrid is fleeing from Bananas. She is not into mascots at all.


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Ingrid’s Medal

Ingrid has been doing gymnastics this winter, and ever since she saw a classmate pass Level 2, and receive a medal, she has been working really hard to get that same medal. (For passing level 1, you get a ribbon, which is nice but not NEARLY as cool as a medal.) She finally passed! She wore the medal for the entire weekend, and to school on Monday, where she was allowed to share even though it wasn’t her share day! She is very, very proud of her medal.

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Willa unabashedly looooves her bathtime. She loves to get under the faucet, and she loves to throw herself backwards to try to float. (Which means she also loves to freak her daddy out, too, as bathtime is his domain…) We really need to get the child into a pool.

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Winter Day

Cleaning off some photos from the ipad!

These are from a winter day, where Ingrid tried out her new snowshoes (we had SO MUCH SNOW this winter, she’s walking along the fenceline in these), set up a picnic and Zingo game for us, and acted goofy.