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Ingrid’s observations on perspective

Two recent items:

Watching AFV last week, one video was of a bulldog that climbed into a kids Power Wheels type Jeep and started driving down the street. Ingrid laughed uproariously: "OH MY GOSH! That dog is HUGE!!!" SHe thought the Jeep was full size.

Yesterday we went to see Clifford the Big Red Dog at the CCA. (Thanks, Finn!). When Emily Elizabeth first gets Clifford, he's a hand puppet that she operates, and of course overnight he turns into the Big Red Dog, and the big version was a giant puppet with one person in the front legs and one person in the back legs. I explained to Ingrid how the big Clifford worked, and she said "But how did those two guys fit into Clifford when he was tiny?"
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Want to show Ingrid’s school the power of Twitter? Send her a postcard for this project and mention that you learned about it on Twitter. (And include your @name so I can thank you!) The postcards go directly to the school, and she is the only Ingrid there. Here’s a chance to show real teachers in a real school the real power of social media. 

We would love our tweets to generate a postcard from every state. When the project is over, Ingrid will be allowed to bring home the cards, and I will be excited to see who participated! Won’t you send a postcard, and pass it on? Thanks!

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Ingrid’s Fort

My parents got some new chairs for Sugarloaf and they left the box at our house. It’s been a lot of fun, but last night Ingrid wanted a fort she could sleep in, so she planned it out, and had Dave cut out the windows and doors, and he hauled it upstairs and arranged a bed of blankets for her to sleep on. She fell right to sleep, and this morning she said she woke up at one point and was a little scared from a weird shadow, but other than that she slept great! The photos aren’t great, because it was dark in there and the camera had to guess at the target 🙂

I love the little foot peeking out. And in the last photo, you can see the glowing eye of a unicorn pillow pet.