• I always called those the “breathing awards” … the campus I worked for did not have a single award based on merit. If you breathed for the right number of years (and showed up to teach enough classes) you got the award. Unless, of course, you had the misfortune to be due for your award in a year when they didn’t remember to give them (which happened in both my 5-year and 10-year award years).

    • Yes, but for me it’s the longest I’ve worked at one place! And I feel like I’m just starting to hit my stride. When I interviewed, the CAO was excited to tell me that a wireless network was going to be installed in the Fall (of 2007!) and all grades were submitted in ink on paper, and in 5 years I’ve helped move the school to where we are today – it’s nice to be able to look back over 5 years and see what we’ve done to make it a better place. 🙂

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