Dec 7, 2010 - family    No Comments

Christmas Parade and Snow Day

We all went to the Christmas Parade this year, even though it was pretty chilly, pretty damp, and pretty long. We saw all those standard Christmas floats, like the Mobile Crime Lab, Mongo (a downtown character who looks like Hulk Hogan and has apparently gotten himself a second dog, and almost certainly just stepped into the parade as an unofficial entry), and our friends the Smiths, who were hauling Snoopy and the Gang around town. (And who were the ONLY entry to be handing out candy! What is up with that, Bangor?)

Then we had a snow day, where Ingrid insisted on wearing her new ski helmet and Willa tolerated a ride in the new baby sled, as Dave has been shamed from repurposing a cat litter box as baby sled ever again. (Hey, it worked, and Ingrid loved it!)

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