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Ingrid & needles

Ingrid has always been creepily fine with needles. When she had to have blood drawn for iron levels at 18 months, she sat patiently, watching, while the nurses tried both arms, multiple times (unsucessfully — it was finally an EMMC phlebotomist who found a vein) to draw blood. Nurses, phlebotomists, everyone has commented on how unusual it is. She’s also been noted in her dental records for being “unusually compliant” and had a filling without Novocain, the LCD tv projecting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 18 inches away from her head and a promise of a trip to the prize box after were enough. When I had bloodwork done while pregnant, she’d come with me, and watch, fascinated, while I always prefer to just look away. When we went for flu shots last week, the nurse tried to get me to hold her arms back so she wouldn’t get hit, but I also had Willa with me, and didn’t know where to put her, and was sort of annoyed because I KNOW she won’t flail (Dave took her to an H1N1 clinic last winter, where he saw what the average kid does when it comes to shots, so we get the concern) so I insisted they just do it without me restraining her, and I happened to have my little camera in my pocket, so I took a video. The rustling is WIlla eating the exam table paper, and I wish I’d kept the camera on because she was next — and also didn’t flinch or cry when she got her shot. 

Ingrid aspires to be a “Princess Doctor” (still not clear if she’s doctoring princesses or holding down two jobs) and she’s halfway there with her tolerance for medical procedures most adults barely tolerate.

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