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C25K, Day 1.

Day 1 was yesterday, 4/16/2011. It… was.

After investing about $100 into this fitness plan, I absolutely HAD to start on the day I said I would, no excuses. So I laced up my new shoes ($80), put on my new shirt ($10) and my new headphones ($5 — they were on clearance!) and stepped outside, and hit Go on my new app ($4.) I decided to head across Hammond, to a neighborhood that is still pretty flat, but familiar. I walked when the app told me, and at the first run cue, I did. But it was cold. And windy. People I saw out were walking dogs, and wearing hats and mittens, and I was running into the wind and my lungs started to tighten and I remembered I’d forgotten my inhaler, which is rarely needed, but allergies, cold, and exercise are all triggers. Crap. Not having it made me nervous, so I decided to take every cue as a separate one, and decided to do what I could. I looped back at Webster, after doing the first two running segments, and walked for the middle running segments. When I got back onto my side of Hammond, I did the last 3 running segments, because it was less windy (I was perpendicular to the wind over here) and I felt better about being so close to home. (Not that I was FAR from home, but I walk these streets all the time.) 

I came home after the 30 minutes, red faced and definitely feeling like I’d exercised, but really only did half of the 1st day of the C25K program, so I think I’ll redo it tomorrow. One step at a time.

Edited to add data:

1.8mi, 16:48 walk pace, 14:10/mi run pace. (30 min.)

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