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36 & 45:15


I turned 36 last week! And to commemorate, I decided I'd do a 5k.

There was an actual event on the day I planned to do it, a '3 mile' race, but when I looked at the form, I panicked. What does one doing C25K register for? I didn't want to be a cheating walker, and I didn't want to be the last runner. So instead of doing The Event, I just walked out of my parents' front door (we were visiting them for the holiday) and turned on my Walkmeter app and decided to go until I hit 3.1 miles.I started by listening to one of the workouts (that damned W4D1 that I am struggling with because it ends up being a week between workouts) but then decided to just run when I wanted and walk when I wanted. That pace marker is for that eleventh-of-a-mile, not the workout (obviously) because I was so ready to see 3.1 I ran the last part.

So, there's my baseline. I'm hoping to do the same route later this summer, and then this fall (basically anytime we visit my parents) and I am hoping to see my time improve.  I also hope to do the actual event next year, for turning 37. It looked great, and while I was out two cars stopped and asked if I wanted a ride to the start, assuming I was headed there (the race started at the end of the road and people made their way BACK to town, where I was going out and waiting for my husband to come pick me up!) and there was even a water station! I also thought that my route might be better because I'd be heading downstream, but there were actually a lot of uphills! And it was the most varied terrain I'd run on, only having done flat sidewalks in my neighborhood til that point.

Of those that did the event, one walker who is in his 70s finished faster than my run (not kidding) so I hope that I can at least beat him next year! In the actual event, as a confirmed Runner. Not this weird run/walk'er that I am now.

Tomorrow, I try again! (Do you sense a theme here? I just keep trying!)

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