May 6, 2011 - fitness    No Comments


I got a late start to week 3 because of work and weather, but tonight, after dinner, the rain stopped and I decided to go for it. I can’t believe how much I ran! The first set (run 90, walk 90, run 3, walk 3) was not even really… hard. I mean it was challenging, but I didn’t need to stop, and I didn’t want to die. The second set, the 90 second intervals were also fine, but the last 3 minute run was a little tough, and I had to walk for maybe 45 seconds in the middle. Then it was walk 3, and I was stealing myself up for another run (previous weeks you run right before the cool down) so when it went “ding!” and I started to run, I could’ve, but I was shocked to hear “cool down.” I altered my route a bit because the rain rolled back in, and I ended up being about 2 minutes shy of the full 30, so I did some Ingrid-led yoga to finish that out. Mostly, I can’t believe I ran three minutes in a row! 


Distance: 1.71 miles (one app said 1.8?)
Average: 16:18 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:57 /mile
Ahead of Best Walk: 1:01

Walk pace: 17:13

 Run Pace 12:39

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