Apr 19, 2011 - fitness    No Comments

W1D1, take 2

I redid the first day today. It was milder, I had my inhaler in my pocket (and I didn’t need it, but I felt much better just having it) and the girls had been home with their dad because of the holiday, and Ingrid really wanted to run with me, so she came for the first part. It was great, actually, having her with me meant that I didn’t go too fast, and it was fun to have her along. We did a little loop to start, and she was exhausted when I dropped her off at home before zooming out to finish my part. Instead of headphones I just put my iPhone on load and she responded to the commands like a well-trained show horse. “We gotta run, mama!” And so we did.

This time, I ran every segment I was told to, and if I had to slow down for Ingrid, I’d run a little longer into the walk section, but I did every running part. Yay!

Walk Time: 29:12
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 1.64 miles
Average: 17:45 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:17 /mile
Walk pace: 18:05
Run Pace: 13:51

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