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Technology & the Small World

One of my twitter contacts (@jswiatek) put the call out earlier this week for people that could skype in to a professional development session for some of his teachers at Crystal River High School, in Crystal River, FL. I had the time available, so I volunteered, and planned to talk about the Brewer schools’ use of Skype in the classroom.

When it was time, I introduced myself and gave a brief bio of what I do and where I live, and then we chatted about Skype, and at the end, one of the teachers raised his hand and said “My name is George, and I grew up in Hampden, attended the University of Maine, and my family is good friends with the Husson family! How much snow do you have? ” George even knew of my hometown!

This is part of why I love technology — my connection with Jerry originated when we both blogged for LearnNC at Instructify, and then we have connected on Twitter as well, and the skype call was borne of that — but how cool that that connection would lead all the way around to finding someone from my own neighborhood! 

Resources for Jerry:

Brewer 4th graders Skype Across America

Brewer High

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