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Starry Morning

This morning, I was not feeling it. Before my alarm even went off, I had a dream that I missed it and woke up too late to run and felt bad but not THAT bad, so when my alarm woke me from that dream, and I was soooo comfortable (this weekend marked the return of the Big Down Comforter for the season) it definitely took a little extra energy to swing my legs out from under and go for a run. I was slow to get into my clothes, I was slow to get my podcast chosen, but as soon as I stepped outside and got to the street, I realized that the September sky at 5:30 am was clear and speckled with stars. Orion! Right above me! No one else around! And I did my route, and was so thankful that I had gotten out to see the stars right in the middle of my city.

I also have been playing with different interval sets — I had been doing 2:15/1:30 and then was inspired by one of my friends to try another of the C25K workouts (in the past, I get stuck on week 4 and get frustrated, so I had moved to my own repeating intervals instead) but decided on Sunday to try week 4 again, and see if my strategy was helping at all… and it was!! I got through all of a Week 4 workout (3/1:30, 5/3, repeat twice) and then did the last mile without timed intervals, but running several blocks and then walking for one, and repeating til I got home. So today, I decided to try Week 5 – and because I am slow and am going for mileage, not time, I tweaked my intervals to be the Week 5 one (5/3 x 3) to add 3/1:30 x 4 at the end. And I got through that, too! So I might even go for the next week 5 workout on Thursday (8/5 x2) and follow that with more of my own custom intervals.

My goal for the Freaky5k this year is to finish under 40 minutes. I would really like to make that happen. Really.

And I am just $30 away from my goal (and fyi, Purple leads for skirt color with 18 votes, and Orange is second with 12 … just so you know) and would love to hit that goal (and then some?) very soon!

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