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So that I don’t forget.

A collection of kid things.

Willa has started saying Ingrid. Well, "Nnga," but following "dadadada" (daddy) and "cacka" (cracker) it's one of her new meaningful words. (And no, no mama yet.)

Ingrid and I were watching ice skating last weekend, and they showed one of those montages of a skater's bad season, so every fall she had that year. Ingrid: "mama, why are we watching ice falling now?"

She calls the cupboard the "covered." Makes sense.

Tonight Dave gave Willa a bath, and Ingrid found my yoga mat and wanted to do yoga, so I pulled up a video on Netflix. She was way, way into it, following right along. I had to run up and help Dave for a minute, and when I came back, Ing was mid warrior pose, popped out of it, leaned back and grabbed a handful of yogurt covered raisins and popped them in her mouth. "Hey Mom, I got us some snacks to eat while we do yoga, okay?" (They had not been there before I went upstairs.)

Her teachers tell us "Ingrid can get anyone to give her anything." Initially, that made me a little nervous — is she a preschooler Don? But with more explanation, it was interesting. Their theory is that it's because she's so nice about it. While most kids will knock each other over to try to get the other kids cool thing, Ingrid is much more sly, I mean, polite about it. "Can I have a turn with that?" leads to a no, and her magic phrase is "But… please?" and then the kid will hand it over. Apparently, Ing will also share with OTHER kids just as easily, so that makes me feel better. 

Ingrid is still loving skiing at Sugarloaf. Today she was doing different craft projects, and she cut out a triangle and drew a blue zigzag about 3/4 of the way up. "Look, mama! I made Sugarloaf!"

Willa is still not crawling, but she's definitely moving. We joke that she's like the moving rocks of Death Valley, you never actually see them move, but there's clear evidence that they do.

Willa also waves, loves peekaboo, and is loving the musical instrument collection. Her favorite is the jingle bells and the kazoo. She can kazoo. Really!

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