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My next race!

No, really, my next race! And this time, I’m bringing friends.



The race we are going to do is the Freaky 5k, in Waterville, which is sponsored by an organization that I love. I first heard Lyn Mikel Brown speak at the Bangor Book Festival a few years ago about her book Packaging Girlhood, and as a strong woman raising a strong daughter (at the time, now that’s plural) I loved the book, and loved hearing about the organzation she created, Hardy Girls, Healthy Women. (Side note: she grew up in Calais, so I like to think her Washington County upbringing influenced her research track. )  

The team I’m on is made up of other reluctant athletes, but of all the events to run, this might even be better than Race for the Cure for being a “geek-friendly” event. As I said to one member, it’s important to do it because there are girls like us out there who never see women like us doing the things that the Other Girls do, so we need to show those kids that smart girls can race, too. 

If you want to join us, register at the link above and mention you are part of team Geek Girls Go!

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