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Apr 22, 2011 - fitness    No Comments


It took a few days to get to day 2, because it was COLD here, so cold it was hailing and snowing on the two days I could've gone, and, well. I'm not that hardcore yet.

Today was bright and sunny, and the only con was that the sand left over from winter was kicking up and getting in my mouth. I ended up doing a few laps of a loop of streets that is very untraveled (I didn't see a single car on any of the loops I did) and sort of treated that as my own personal oval. I got more distance today, and I even made my arms go in the right direction a few times, I think!


Walk Time: 30:25
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 1.84 miles
Average: 16:33 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:36 /mile
Walk Pace: 16:02
Run Pace: 13:12
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W1D1, take 2

I redid the first day today. It was milder, I had my inhaler in my pocket (and I didn’t need it, but I felt much better just having it) and the girls had been home with their dad because of the holiday, and Ingrid really wanted to run with me, so she came for the first part. It was great, actually, having her with me meant that I didn’t go too fast, and it was fun to have her along. We did a little loop to start, and she was exhausted when I dropped her off at home before zooming out to finish my part. Instead of headphones I just put my iPhone on load and she responded to the commands like a well-trained show horse. “We gotta run, mama!” And so we did.

This time, I ran every segment I was told to, and if I had to slow down for Ingrid, I’d run a little longer into the walk section, but I did every running part. Yay!

Walk Time: 29:12
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 1.64 miles
Average: 17:45 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:17 /mile
Walk pace: 18:05
Run Pace: 13:51
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C25K, Day 1.

Day 1 was yesterday, 4/16/2011. It… was.

After investing about $100 into this fitness plan, I absolutely HAD to start on the day I said I would, no excuses. So I laced up my new shoes ($80), put on my new shirt ($10) and my new headphones ($5 — they were on clearance!) and stepped outside, and hit Go on my new app ($4.) I decided to head across Hammond, to a neighborhood that is still pretty flat, but familiar. I walked when the app told me, and at the first run cue, I did. But it was cold. And windy. People I saw out were walking dogs, and wearing hats and mittens, and I was running into the wind and my lungs started to tighten and I remembered I’d forgotten my inhaler, which is rarely needed, but allergies, cold, and exercise are all triggers. Crap. Not having it made me nervous, so I decided to take every cue as a separate one, and decided to do what I could. I looped back at Webster, after doing the first two running segments, and walked for the middle running segments. When I got back onto my side of Hammond, I did the last 3 running segments, because it was less windy (I was perpendicular to the wind over here) and I felt better about being so close to home. (Not that I was FAR from home, but I walk these streets all the time.) 

I came home after the 30 minutes, red faced and definitely feeling like I’d exercised, but really only did half of the 1st day of the C25K program, so I think I’ll redo it tomorrow. One step at a time.

Edited to add data:

1.8mi, 16:48 walk pace, 14:10/mi run pace. (30 min.)