Apr 28, 2011 - fitness    No Comments

Week 2!

It was misty and not exactly warm, but I just saddled up and did it anyway. When I was going to the Y regularly, one of my Group Power instructors said "the hardest part is showing up," and it's so true. Once I start changing my clothes, I am on my way, but if I linger and think of all the things I could do OTHER than exercise, it's easy to find reasons to not do it. So if I tell myself "well, just find your clothes and see how it is when you get dressed….." barring family emergency, I'm going to go out. And when I go out, I'm going to finish. I need to remember that.

This was the first day of week 2, alternating  2 minutes of walking with 90 seconds of running. I did all but the last 60 seconds of running, because I was starting to get sort of wheezy (it was cold). But I did it! I think it helps that I have people waiting to see my auto-update on Facebook. 

Walk Time: 32:11
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 1.93 miles
Average: 16:38 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:52 /mile

Walk Pace 16:41
Run Pace 13:17

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