May 22, 2011 - fitness    No Comments

W3D2, redo.

Another busy weekend, but I managed to get out first thing (well, after a bowl of oatmeal) this morning, between a day of working out of town and an afternoon of birthday partying.  Today, I even went on a different route. I live in the flattest neighborhood in Bangor, I think, and at this point I am not looking for hills and challenges like that, the biggest challenge for me is just learning to run. My neighborhood is like an outdoor treadmill, but I like it. I've been doing loops of my neighborhood, in my comfort zone, the same loop we use to walk with the whole family after dinner. I figure if I were to collapse, I could gasp out my street name and the people in my 'hood would know where it was (most people don't). Today I veered right instead of left, and  tried a whole new street, which was interesting, because in my usual route I have figured out what houses I usually run by, and what streets will likely be the end of a running segment, so while I'm not watching the clock, I kind of am. Going a new way took away those expectations, and I'm still not sure if it was good or bad, BUT, I did the whole day of W3D2 again, no stopping!

I've also added a link to my data that I've been recording using Google Docs, because I am a giant nerd. You can totally tell which days I took Ingrid with me.

Distance: 1.94 miles
Average: 15:40 /mile
Fastest Pace: 10:06

Walk Pace:15:31
Run Pace:12:35

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