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Ingrid’s Friend

We are hosting a playdate with a friend of Ingrid's tomorrow, and this is the first time we've had a school friend over. They are very excited to get together, and the friend sent home these two drawings with Ingrid's things — the white is a picture of them holding hands, and the brown paper is a treasure map. We just about died of adorable overload when we saw.

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First Snow!

Also on Halloween, we had our first snow! Ingrid was so excited, she came right down and got her new snowsuit and snow boots out of the closet, clipped off the tags and got herself out there because as she said "I need to eat some of that snow!" Willa went out for a few minutes, too, but she is not yet as enamored of the white stuff as Ingrid is. Also, here's Ingrid's pumpkin that she painted, and some other pics of the girls. Willa claps now!

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Halloween part 2

And then, on the ACTUAL day, we went and visited family before trick or treating in the neighborhood with the the neighbor kids! We got a lot of miles out of the Dorothy costume, and Willa used the bat costume that Ingrid had used as a baby. What a great day!

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We love Halloween at our house, of course! We went to the city party on Thursday, Ingrid had a party at school on Friday (no pics of that one, though) and on Saturday, we did Pumpkins in the Park and the Downtown Halloween Block Party. Ingrid had a blast, and Willa had fun being along for the ride.