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Visiting Grammy Audrey

We had lunch at Grammy Audrey's before we drove to New Hampshire a few weeks ago. Willa gets cuddled while Ingrid eats her out of house and home 🙂 Our girls love visiting Grammy! Ingrid even added a few pieces to the hall puzzle while we waited for the elevator when we left. 🙂

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Ingrid’s Jerry Face

Ingrid is very expressive — when she cries, she CRIIIIIIIEEES and her whole face turns just about inside out. Her “mad face” looks just like Dave’s (who also has the very expressive face, it’s like they are made of rubber or something).  Also, in the hubbub of getting ready in the morning (always a crazy time) Ingrid has started having conversations that come from left field, like while I’m racing around to get my stuff together or get her breakfast or change Willa I’ll hear “mama mama mama mama — will you draw me a piggie and cut it out for me?” (Um, no. Eat your cereal.) Yesterday’s was “mama mama mama mama — why does Jerry sometimes close his eyes a little bit?” Jerry is our dear friend, the father of the much beloved Finn, and we had been at their house the night before. “What do you mean ‘close his eyes a little bit,Ingrid?” “Like this!” she said, and proceeded to pop out the most dead-on impression of Jerry’s incredulous face that I’d ever seen.

I tried to get her to recreate it after school, and it came close, but man, that face in the morning certainly set a good tone for the rest of the day.

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This fall, we repaired and repainted our picnic table! Ingrid also had fun with sidewalk chalk. (Note the rainbow order of colors — she knows how to draw an accurate rainbow these days, and loves doing it.)

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Finn and Ingrid

Ingrid and Finn have been hanging out since Finn was tiny and Ingrid was a gigantic 18 month old towering over him. The age gap is meaning less and less as they get older, and here Finn tries to give Ingrid a flower, and eventually kind of gives up in favor of browsing the gift table.


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Ingrid’s First Wedding

Ingrid had so much fun at her first wedding. She’d been talking about it for weeks! Here she is, dancing with the bride, and the bride’s little sister (who has been to all of Ing’s parties) and Willa is dancing with my friend Audrey in the clip, too. Dave had to work, so thankfully there were lots of people to help hold the little one!

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Moved the woodstove!

This weekend, we gave away our woodstove! We've never used it, as the fire inspector felt it passed too close to combustibles the way it was routed through the wall to the chimney, but we've never gotten rid of it because we wanted it in case of emergency. (We know it'd been used many times before, so if the risk was frozen and burst pipes as the result of a woodstove, or the wall thing, we'd have risked the wall) But our friends are getting rid of a propane stove, which we COULD use, and so we gave our other friends the old woodstove, which will find new life in their camp.  Moving it was a challenge — it was HEAVY and every step was planned. They used a hand truck, a truck trailer with a ramp, jack stands, scrap wood, and of course  — bungee cords and duct tape — to get it to it's next destination.

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Story Land

Ingrid (and the rest of us) had so much fun at StoryLand! We arrived when the gates opened and didn’t leave til 15 minutes before closing. She is very into nursery rhymes, so loved finding the characters to her favorites all over the park. While she was nervous about the antique cars (that move at a snail’s pace) she LOVED the roller coaster. We can’t wait to go next year! 


I put all the photos on flickr with descriptions, but here’s a slideshow to start: