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Willa at the Zoo

On our last day, we went to the San Antonio Zoo! My cousin Megan and her son Braden (who is just 6 weeks older than Willa) came, too. Willa and Braden took a little nap in the middle.

Willa’s favorite was the Hippo tank. She LOVED that.

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Ingrid Loves to Dance

Is all that really needs to be said about this set.

If you look close, you’ll see she wore the black right off her shoes (we tossed them after the wedding) and that was after just two uses!

She has been informed that there is a Father-Daughter dance in February. Who wants to bet she ends up there this year?

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Tanya & Eric’s Wedding

Ingrid loved the wedding, and Willa slept through almost the whole thing, until they said “Mazel Tov!” at the very end. Ingrid sat with Grammy and Grampy and Kate, Dave did video at the front, and I sat off to the side and back so that if Willa got fussy we could leave without disrupting anything. It was a beautiful wedding!