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Ingrid at the Park: Pt 1.

We've been going to the school park since Ingrid was a baby, but this time she suddenly had a new confidence that we'd never seen before! She did all of the elements by herself, and despite falling (off her bike, in the driveway, and off the playground) she still managed to stand up and keep on going. This is also the first time she's managed to ride her bike all the way to the park and back without needing a lift at any point. More specifics will be on Flickr. 

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Blueberry Muffins

Yesterday I picked up a quart of fresh Maine blueberries, and our plan was to make muffins this morning. But, when Dave and Ingrid woke, the power was out, and they zoomed to Tim Horton's to make sure that mama and daddy would have coffee, so we made our muffins mid-morning. It's a favorite for Ingrid, and we're getting Willa started early. (Also, you can see where Dave is rehabbing our picnic benches. I'm lobbying to paint them something other than boring backyard burgundy. What do you think?)

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I was beginning to feel a little badly that I haven’t taken Ingrid to the library in ages, because we all love books, and library trips are some of my favorite childhood memories. I still use the library, but working on a campus means I do a lot of interlibrary loan, and not nearly as much browsing. (and being busy with two kids cuts down on browsing time too.) I feel better after today, as when I picked Ingrid up and was able to see her lead teacher, the teacher asked if I maybe had any books about Maine that they could borrow for their Maine week next week. Exactly no one will be shocked that I did. I have a dozen books for them to use. So, we may not be making it to BPL as much as I’d like, but we apparently have gained a reputation for seeming to LIVE in a library. I do think that when the summer hours end at BPL and we can go on Saturdays, we’ll go more often again. And in non bookworm news, today was my second to last friday off for summer hours at my job, so I switched out kids at daycare, dropping willa off just as Ingrid would be waking from her nap. Ingrid and I came home and donned swimsuits, walked over to the city pool for a cool down, played in the adjacent playground for a while, walked home by way of the neighborhood ice cream stand, and once home, played several rounds of a new game I got for her (Zingo). It was great to spend an afternoon with my big girl.

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Forest hike

(Still playing with Posterous)

So here is Queen Ingrid of the Forest….hiking, with an Aspen leaf ,
with fern, Bunchberries, oak leaf, maple leaf, white pine tree, and
Ingrid the Eater…all part of our ABC book.  Can she still tell you
what is what?

Check her out.
Last night she kept coming out of the bedroom.  Last time she had "4
things to tell me".  So we counted and she told me her 4 things.
Tonight she came out and had "10 things to tell me".  Tonight she went
back to bed without a chance to list the 10 things. What a little
We loved her visit.