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We went for a walk the other night, and when I mentioned I'd just wrap Willa, Ingrid wanted to wrap a stuffed animal, so her doggie came along with us, too.

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Apple Picking

Our annual trip to Treworgy's for apple picking! We used to live a stone's throw from this place, and honestly can't remember if it was always this busy back then, or if we didn't notice because we didn't have kids. They have DEFINITELY grown; this year they even had sandwiches and pizza available, and my grilled apple/cheddar/bacon on homemade wheat was delicious. It's nice to know you can plan on having lunch there, now.

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Ingrid is doing gymnastics this year for our Saturday activity. She LOVES it. The photos aren't great, but here she is on her first day. Her favorite part is the bars, but they are at the back of the room and I couldn't get a photo of that. The last picture is at Tim Horton's, where we went after, as she got a donut for being brave — the class doesn't allow parents in with the teachers and the kids. She only hesitated for a moment on the first day, and on the second Saturday, she actually sent me HOME to get her book (we'd forgotten it!) while she went in to the class. That is a real first for her!

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Where’s Willa?

Willa’s Aunt Julie brought her her first ‘honey blanket,’ a fleece snuggler with satin binding (Ingrid’s has letters, which in hindsight was totally appropriate, and is well loved). It was perfect timing, as Willa has started playing peek a boo with us, and the honey blanket was ideal for such a game. Also, according to Willa, the blanket is very tasty, too.


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